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2008-03-30 17:15:12 by CreativeMindGroup

We are going to take a holiday for a while, so stay tuned!

Our list of staff has been UPDATED! A member of staff has decided to unveil themselves!

Our Member is Called : MovieMoneySaver643

He will review movies and tell you if you should spend your cash on them, or if you will be putting it down the drain! Send him a PM or an E-mail if you want a certain film reviewed! One lucky winner will win in each e-mag! And that persons name will appear in it!

See you round!

Hello Newgrounds!

2008-03-23 20:57:10 by CreativeMindGroup

We are a new Creativity Group for teenagers, where they can open up there minds to world cultures, to books, films, art, poetry, everything! We make animation and e-magazines mainly, but that isn't everything. We are also thinking about getting involved with music, and KNOW that we will soon start working on Graphic Design!


Manager/Editor : Triforce12

At current time, all further staff will remain ANONYMOUS until correct user names and accounts have been designated for them. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but they will be up there soon!


DO YOU want to be part of CreativeMindGroup? We want your reviews and short stories to be publicized in our E-Magazines! If you would like this, the EMAIL us at:

See you l8r!